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One of the most cutting-edge tools in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants is digital smile design. The first step of this process, which is also called dental smile design and smile simulation technology, involves taking pictures and scans of your mouth and face. We’ll then use specialized software to give you a preview of what our Meridian, ID smile design dentistry professionals can do for you. Whether you’re in the market for full mouth dental implants, restorative dentistry or you just want to replace a single missing tooth, Dr. Pilling is proud to help you envision the possibilities of your restored smile.
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Our Technology Makes the Difference

Digital smile design dentistry allows you to see what your teeth will look like after your dental work. This can make the difference between having a much-needed procedure and leaving it alone to become something much worse. But it isn’t just a good way to see the end results of your dentistry treatment: smile design helps Dr. Pilling create a detailed treatment plan for you. The 3D scanner he uses is one of the most advanced in the industry, and it offers a three-dimensional view of your mouth, enabling him to see trouble spots before your implant surgery begins.

In addition to smile design dentistry, Dental Implant Solutions has an in-house dental laboratory that helps speed up your treatment and reduce your treatment costs.

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Why Choose Digital Smile Design?

What Does Digital Smile Design Involve?

The process of designing your dream smile is quick and non-invasive. Dr. Pilling will take pictures and videos of your smile from a variety of angles, and he may also take three-dimensional scans of your teeth. His specialized software will combine these images into a single picture, allowing him (and you) to envision exactly what the results of various dental treatments will be. You’ll be able to instantly see the results of a variety of procedures, from full mouth dental implants to gum contouring and even crowns and bridges. This image can be updated in real time, reflecting the infinite possibilities we see in every patient’s smile!

Making Your Dream Smile Affordable

Our ultimate goal at Dental Implant Solutions is to give all of our patients top-of-the-line care. Digital smile design is a great way to envision what is possible for your mouth, but you may still be worried about how to pay for your chosen dental treatments. That’s why we offer Meridian, ID’s lowest prices on dental implants, and we also partner with a variety of dental financing companies to help make even the most advanced treatment affordable for you.

Envision Your Smile Goals.

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