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Advanced Technology, Superior Results

One of Dental Implant Solutions’ main points of pride is our in-house full mouth dental implant dental laboratory. Because we can mill and print dental restorations on-site, your treatment is faster and more convenient than if we contracted the work out to a third party. In many cases, our full mouth dental implant lab can create temporary restorations on the same day as your dental implant surgery, reducing the number of times you have to come in. Our dental lab also allows affordable dental implants to be an option for more patients: Dr. Pilling cuts out the middleman and passes the savings on to you.

What You’ll Find in Our Dental Lab


3D Printer

The Dental Implant Solutions full mouth dental implant lab uses 3D printing technology to create custom crowns and bridges in a single day, and to create custom surgical guides for dental implants.


CEREC Crowns and Bridges

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (or CEREC) technology allows Dr. Pilling to create a variety of dental restorations while you wait in his Meridian, ID dental office. With CEREC, you can get a crown in a single visit, eliminating the need for a temporary restoration.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography

We use cone beam computed tomography scans, or CBCT scans, to get a clear view of what your mouth and jawbone look like on the inside. This is the most effective way to know where to place dental implants, and can help find the strongest points in the bone for lasting results.


Diode Laser

Our diode laser is a state-of-the-art solution to soft tissue problems. Whether you need gingivitis treated before getting dental implants, or you need one or more teeth extracted, this laser can reduce your surgical recovery time as well as your risk of complications.


Custom Chrome Surgical Guides

When it comes to getting dental implants, the less that is left to chance, the better. That’s where custom 3D-printed surgical guides come in: Dr. Pilling creates them for each dental implant surgery and uses them to precisely, accurately place the implant posts.


Smile Simulation Technology

Thanks to smile simulation technology, you can see the results of your dental implants before you even begin! This technology uses specialized software to create simulations of what your smile could look like after its makeover.

Modern Technology For A Top-Notch Smile.

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